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Bird Identification

Who Will Win the Battle: Hummingbird Vs Ruby-Throated?

9 minutes read 🐦 The battle of the hummingbird vs ruby-throated is not a competition or a fight as these two birds belong …
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10 Tips for Identifying a Ruby Throated Hummingbird Male Or Female

12 minutes read To identify a ruby-throated bird’s gender, males have a bright red throat while females have a duller, whitish throat. Identifying …
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Atlantic Puffin Vs Horned Puffin: How to Tell the Difference

8 minutes read Atlantic puffins have a triangular beak with a bright orange interior, while horned puffins have a red triangular beak with …
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What Do Ruby Throated Hummingbirds Eat? A Comprehensive Guide

7 minutes read Ruby-throated hummingbirds primarily feed on nectar from flowers, but also eat insects and spiders for protein. As a common sight …
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A Beginner’s Guide to the Ruby Throated Hummingbird Call

8 minutes read The ruby-throated hummingbird call can be identified as a high-pitched chirp. This bird species is known for its adaptability and …
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Atlantic Puffin Breeding Season: A Guide for Birdwatchers

8 minutes read Atlantic puffins breed during the summer months and their breeding season varies by location. Birdwatchers can observe atlantic puffins during …
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Bird Feeders

Feeding Habits of Black Capped Chickadees: A Complete Overview

7 minutes read Black-capped chickadees are omnivores and feed on a variety of insects, seeds, fruits, and berries. These birds are often seen …
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How To Breed Lovebirds: Expert Care Tips & Cost-Saving Strategies

9 minutes read Breeding lovebirds requires providing adequate care, food, and a spacious cage, which comes at a cost. So, here are the …
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Feathered Updates

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Bird Facts

The Incredible Impact of the Ruby Thrown Hummingbird’s Life Span

8 minutes read The ruby throated hummingbird’s life span can be impacted greatly by the ruby thrown. The insect is known to have …
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Top 10 Facts About the Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird

11 minutes read The female ruby throated hummingbird is known for its small size and vibrant coloration. Here are the top 10 facts …
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Atlantic Puffin Migration: Where Do They Go?

7 minutes read Atlantic puffins migrate to spend their winters in the open ocean. These birds breed and nest on coastal cliffs of …
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Bird Foods

Budgerigar Bird Food: Feed Right, Avoid Wrong

7 minutes read Budgerigar birds are best fed with a variety of foods including pellets, seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. However, there are …
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5 Homemade Cockatiel Bird Food Recipes Your Bird Will Love – Delicious and Nutritious!

7 minutes read If you’re looking for ways to provide your cockatiel with healthy and tasty food, making your own bird food at …
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